Getting FPS inside dynamicplugin

Hi there, i’m trying to code something similar to an LFO node in a dynamic plugin.
And i’m a bit stuck on a Period value since internally it should be based on current framerate i suspect, so basically i need a way to get an FPS count inside dynamic plugin, or maybe there is a better way i don’t know off?

this one?

yep thank you sebl, also managed to get it to work, OneEuro filter rocks github ;]

like here but plus timing? this one ;]

Also vux pointed me that it may be FHDEHost.RealTime but yet i had no time to finish plugin so i’m not yet sure witch one to use…

FrameTime, the one that sebl linked is the one you’re looking for. Realtime is something different, see: pluginspecs/html/P_VVVV_PluginInterfaces_V2_IHDEHost_RealTime.htm

works pretty solid ;]

ValueTestFPS.rar (91.9 kB)