GetSpread is sleeping


i was very happy to find an alternative solution for GetSlice 3D that is much faster and simplier.

Just replaced GetSlice, + and I nodes with GetSpread with size 3.

Since I was using the same GetSlice 3D approach in many modules started to change them and found this problem.

GetSpread is not evaluating in this case until you open subpatch that GetSpread is in.

SubBuffer module with old approach worked fine. its on my modules page.

(tested on version 12) (2.5 kB)

looks like GetSpread doesn’t evaluate only when Count pin is connected!

there was the same thing with PatchAlias (VVVV) (the old one):

ParentLevel in a Subpatch didn’t evaluate with an IObox connected.

had that trouble with my Patchlet VVVV.v4p module.

once more i have to advertise this module and admit my proudness about. download for free!