GetSlice Classic behaviour totally missing IMO


I just think it would be good to have the classsic spreadable spread operations back.

I would like to sort through a spread by using a spread of indices without making complicated patch constructs.

it is just convenient since sometimes we use lots of getspread to sort through spreads and then making for regios with accumulators - which is not so obvious to figure out - is cumbersome.

So big feature request here :)

Maybe can be also a community effort. I miss my speed patching from beta a lot.

Other then that - keep it up :)
Thank you

Not sure what you mean by that :

To be honnest I had the same feeling about spread and stuff, but they aren’t everywhere and necessary as they use to be with Beta.

Ah okey, this is interesting, i completely forgot when entering this frustration situation, that you can connect it without going through the pad of the ForEach…

Thanks for pointing out.

I also rephrased my request, i dont want to sound entirely frustrated with gamma.
But i do have to say that I was quite a large factor faster with patching in beta. And i do think it makes sense to have these constructs, for example when importing c# nugets, but i definately also think the nice workflow of beta should be preserved. As of currently I find it quite detour often…

Back in NODE13 I think @gregsn explain that the point was to put the loop outside of the node so I guess this is here to stay but old school spreading is still possible :


Thing is, beta is one kind of patching style where now in Gamma you can mix many (including programming pattern, Reactive, old school Beta etc…). Beta workflow has a serious limitation when it comes to build and maintain a system, remember the Select and Framedelay mess that a vvvv project could become…

BUT ! patching in Gamma takes ages… that’s for sure.


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