Get subset meshes


i have a mesh (loaded with XFile) that has 6 subsets. When using the getSlice node i can select the subsets and render them independently.

my problem:
when i use the getslice node before mesh split and vertex buffer nothing changes.

so… how can i access the (sub)meshes of the xfile ?

not with vertexbuffer, it exists since begining of time i think

are there any possibilities of accessing submeshes (and their vectors) of a file with getSlice?

but why u would want to do that? you would not be able to combine it back with subsets. I’m quite sure there is a way to do what you want, but it’s not xfile and getslice for sure. It’s quite annoying for a generative geometry i know, was always hating that i need to open 3d software all the time i need some extra modeling power… Describe your concept, do a pic of model… then we see…

p.s. checked with assimp, and collada for you not working with mesh split sry

what i want to do:

i have 1 mesh with 4 planes in it. what i want to do now:

get all points from plane 1 & 4
get all points from plane 2 & 3
and so on…

it should be dynamic. later i want to have 200 planes and i want to randomly select some of them.
I need the meshmodel because it is some real architecture that i want to map on.

if it’s only 4 point’s you can get them from vertex buffer with getslice directly on positions.