Get state of all GlobalChannels to serialize them as global app state

I’m experimenting a lot with the ImGUI and global channels. In general I like new concepts and approaches very much, it inspires me a lot to learn and explore. And the more I try to create different GUI applications (I’m experimenting), the more I realize how important it is to save and load the state of the current application.

So I have an idea. Maybe not a very smart idea. But what if we use global channel internals as state at once? For example, we could put all ImGui values into global channels and then serialize them all at once as something like Serialize(AllChannelsStates). And if you don’t use any non-serializable fields, then both serialization and deserialization should go smoothly. And then you can build a workflow around it, making UI application development even easier and more fluid.

GlobalChannelsAsState.vl (32.2 KB)

What do you think? Is it worth making it in nodeset?

GlobalChannelsAsStateIssue.vl (9.2 KB)