Get slice index


gotta spread of 128 slices, i’d like to get any slices that receive an input and send the value on. Currently I have a load of get slice nodes each set to a different index value.

Can I use the get slice node to get multiple slices at the same time, and how could I automate the get slice index to retrieve any slice that receives an input?

Am i right in thinking the select node’s former index pin can is used for this purpose?


the Index pin is spreadable, so no need for one node per index.
actually it depends really on the use-case if Select (Value) or GetSlice (Spreads) is the best.

how do you check, which input is receiving?

currently im not “checking”. Each node picks up the midi velocity and this drives a simple animation, if there is an input on the node’s slice it just feeds it straight through to some rope nodes I’m using to visualise the input which all seems very inefficient

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sample patch?

basically, you can use any test (like >) to test for a condition - or, in the case of midi, use the On Data directly, then connect to a Select (Value) and you’ll get the changed indices.

(Sorry for #gravedigging)
I think this is a maior feature of Select and should be mentioned in the tutorial. I used a lot more i-(spreads) nodes before i explored the former index.