Get old value


I tried about 5 hours and I am still at the same point, so maybe you can give me a tip. It is a really embarrassing question, but someone has to ask this question too. ;-)

I wanna compare two X Positions. I do have the current X Position, but I don`t know how to get the old X Position. I tried mostly everything I found on this site which could solve my problem, but nothing works the right way. It is always the actual X and the old one is gone and never met again. :-(

So please say me: How can I get the old X?

First I thought of FrameDelay, than I tried Spreads, than Queue and I don`t now what else, but I get either the current X or nothing. :-/

Best Wishes,

sounds like a task for the s&h (value) node…


how do you get that X position?, i need that too, i have a fliying around object and i need to know how compare the current position with a preset position and then trigger an event…

Thank you elektromeier, but I found something different. Dont know why I dont found this yesterday… I can use FrameDifference for my problem. Sometimes I don`t see the forest for the trees.

No espanol. :-) The X Position I get from a FreeFrame Plugin, so I can`t really help you with your problem. Sorry.