Get normal vector of faces


I want to get the normal vector of every face of a mesh. Perfect would be one startpoint (perhaps the middle of the face) and one end point.

I tried this via vertex buffer, which gives out Normals but i don’t really understand what these values are. Are these the Normal vectors (from 0 0 0 to the value)? How do I know which value belongs to which face?

Does anyone have a hint?

Thanks a lot,

check that one: Normals (EX9)

Thanks sebl.
It took me a while to understand how this whole vector thing works in vvvv.

For the case that I could forget how this works, I will explain it for the future me:

Normals spit out by the vertex buffer are Vectors. Every Vertex has one Vector, so there is the same number of vertices and normals.

To start the normal in the one particular point, just add the coordinates of the centerpoint to the normal vector.

To get the centerpoint of a face add the cornerpoints and divide by the number of cornerpoints. For example a triangle: (Point A + Point B + Point C)/3
(or check out the subset mesh node which has a centroids pin)