Get messages from twitter

Hello guys

i was wondering what are the options to get send messages from twitter , is there any plug around for it ?

You easily can get twitter feeds with xml parsing. To send tweets I don’t know but I’m interested as well.

Colorsound, I ve got something already done that you may tune for your needs, PM me.

for reading messages see
girlpower+ XML_API

thanks a lot guys i,ll try your options.

the link in girlpower+ XML_API is broken.
example patch does not work in beta29.2
update? working link?
thanks, a

As mentioned above I ve got something already cooked up, I may post it later…

my post was related to joregs link. i removed the flag cause the example patch does not work.

ja, twitter has changed their api. but seems the example should be easily updated following their specs:

ja ja, but how? :) don’t know how to use that
what goes into the http node and hows does that xpath query work?
twitter is a ? to me…

apart from changing the API, ehich hasn t changed much, they are enforcing now oAuth autorization from all endpoints. That means we need to add the oAuth process before making the call.
This is an interesting link that makes me wonder how on earth I managed to miss Joreg’s workshop on dynamic plugins…

EDIT: maybe it can be done in http?

created a dev account on twitter ( to get the necessary tokens and keys for the OAuth request.
the question is: how can we send/receive from vvvv? do we need a dynamic plugin/node with some code to make that work?
have seen a good example in processing but dunno how to translate that into vvvv.
g a

Armin, I am interested on this one but I don t have the time right now to look into it.
If you want something that " just works" right now, consider the idea of using a third party application to interface between vvvv and Twitter.
For example I d use Drupal and its Twitter module to write tweets to a data base and use vvvv and read the tweets with the Mysql node.