Get Info from Ableton

Hi everyone!

Im developing some university project with vvvv+Ableton and I really need to obtain some status information from Ableton (eg: If some clip is playing or not).

Do you know a way to do this? I was looking into LivvvveOSC but I couldn’t make it…

Any help on this would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

Hi Pablo,

as far as I know, the official way is to use Max4Live and ask Live about its state (or set something) using LiveObjectModel. Then the data can be sent to vvvv as OSC.

There is a small example in the girlpowers on how to communicate to Live. It uses LiveObjectModel as well.

Check here: girlpower\IO\Networking\2_Advanced (OSC)\04_Remote Player

You need the Controller.v4p and Live\LiveSet.als.

I don’t have a working Live version at the moment, can’t check this. Sorry.

Hope this helps.


I’m sorry. Inside girlpower\The Next Generation I only have Audio folder.

then get beta31 (which includes those new examples anton pointed you to).