Get HTML body text

hello vvvveeeps - hopefully a simple one…
Looking to get some text from a webpage into a string for some dynamic 4V text.
I can get the source using HTML (Network Get String) - but the webpage is dynamically generating the content - so the source doesn’t give me the body text as it appears in the browser - and HTML renderer.

How to get just the text in the webpage without the source?
or (to put it another way)
How to get the resulting body text from a dynamic webpage?!

Thanking yall.

Hi Wukid,

most of the dynamic content in webpages is loaded via Http Post Requests. I would do the following steps to see if i get the content in vvvv.

  • open the page via browser (chrome / firefox)
  • hit F12 to open the debugging console
  • reload page
  • load the dynamic content
  • have a look in the debugging console at the tab “network” or so
  • search for the request which loads the content
  • copie the url of the request and try to load the content via Http (Network Post String)
  • search for the relevant text with RegExpr (String). the help patch contains a example for finding html tags.

Have a look at

girlpower\IO\Web\06_HTML Multiple Websites

and connect a AsString (Object) to the Document output of HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture String).

Thanks @phlegma! I knew that would work using Post, but I was trying to simplify it as I already had the text in a URL.
But we got it working now using your method.