Get color value at a texture position


i want to show some information when the user clicks on my 3d earth. these areas are irregular, like in the real world.

therefore I’d like to index these information areas into a second card with colors.

for example with a click into germany thecolor is read at the appropriate position in the second map.

scripting this is pretty simple … but how can I do this in v4.

you can use the pipet node.

ok, how can i get the click position in the texture?

map the cursor position to the the pipet coordinate system. if this information doesnt help you, please upload an example patch.

@rogerlette)) made this patch which is probably of some help, as ((user:hrovac suggests


sorry few days other project…

for the mapping i can use a smaller texture, I map the texture on a sphere with the same transformation like my first shere with the bigger texture?

this seconds sphere, with the smaller texture, is rendered into a new DXTexture for the pipet input. right?

Have a look at this if you like:
It’s the same approach you are talking about but used for looking up UVs in this case.

Just feed it with your lookup texture instead of the TexCoords node, and do what you like with the info downstream from the pipet.

thanxs, really nice!