Get All Possible Fullscreen-Dimensions?

hi all,

does anybody know a trick on how to (automatically) check out all the possible fullscreen-dimensions a renderer (ex9) can have? it appears that the responsible enumeration is not easily accessible.

the second question would be about automatically setting these dimensions, with the configuration pin on the renderer being permanently hidden and all …

thanks in advance :)

Hi diki,

Nice suggestions and not really easy to answer (at least by me).

Actualy i was stuck because i don’t know if there’s a way to get configuration pin’s enum arguments via xpath queries. I can get the current Fullscreen dimension but not all the possible values.

I looked around if there’s some shell utilies that might help but didn’t found something relevant under windows.

I’ve a really dirty workaround that could do the trick, but it’s not dynamic and need an initialisation process. See the attached patch.

I couldn’t comment it because it crash my xpath queries if i insert comments (i’m still discovering get/set patch so it might not be the best way to handle that).

Anyway give it a try.

You need to open the inspektor, i suggest to attach it to the renderer then select each available resolution (w/ mousewheel to speed up things) and you’ll get a spreads of currently supported resolutions.

storeScreenResolution.v4p (9.3 kB)

Another version a little bit simple of use.
Just create a Renderer (EX9) node and then open inspektor.
Choose the lowest resolution and go to the highest with mousewheel.

I’m still sure there could be a clever way.

storeScreenResolutionV2.v4p (13.1 kB)

hi anachronik,

the xml-approach is the way to go, i think. i tried setting the fullscreen dimension via xml and had hoped that it would motivate the renderer to select the next lower working resolution; sadly, it does not (instead, the change in resolution is only applied if it coincides with a working resolution). so i’ll have to go the brute-force-approach of trying all available resolutions and checking for a change on the renderer pin :)

running through 81 different resolutions scraped from wikipedia still leaves some exotics out front, though.

RendererRes_25.v4p (20.6 kB)
RendererRes_26.v4p (20.6 kB)

hi diki,

Nice to know .
I think you can use the patch i provided to write an xml file containing all monitor supported resolution and then read this xml file to set all supported resolutions. So that you don’t have to try all resolutions.

I’ll try to make a better version with writing and reading if i can find some free time.