Get ableton current time

looking to sync timeliner to ableton cursor position
is this a function of midi clock ?
does it need max4live and/or a third party forwarding tool ?

i think ableton cannot generate midi time code… but you can use the Link contribution node and connect the time to Timeliner.

remember looking at link a while ago but i could only send to ableton. does it work from ableton to vvvv ?

link syncs all connected clients/devices to each other. latest change in tempo/time will be sent to all other active clients. the newest api version has start and stop functionality, which i tried to implement, but didnt get around testing it… check the release on github. I’d be glad if you report back… if it works the way it should I would update it in the contributions as well…

You can use the live object model to ask for current time iirc (probably need to use max4live unless you want to do some python hacking). But by default out of the box live actually sends midi clock signal, which you can just use the midi clock node on vvvv side for. Note that this will give you time in bars, so might need to use bpm to convert that to other time formats.

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