Get a single bang from the keyboard

Hi there,

I think the answer is very simple, but I’m asking myself for some hours right now:
How can I get a single bang out of my keyboard (f.e. when pressing space)?
There has to be a possibility to “damp” the keyboard output in some way, so that the 1 is just at the output node from keymatch for 1 frame. I just want to count up exactly, not always trying to press the button just very short :(
I tried a lot of Animation Filters, MonoFlop, FrameDelay, Queue and so on… but didn’t find a well working combination.

thx :)

Well, a single bang is created by the Change (Animation) or
Change (String) nodes. It depands if you are working with Values, or Text Strings.

It simply BANGS once when something on the input pin changes.

For example, connect a Change (Animation) to the cycles output pin off an LFO (Animation) . You will get a BANG every second.
Now, connect the Change node to the Output pin off the LFO. Since the output off the LFO keeps on changing, the BANG node will bang continuesly, prety useless, but you now see how it works.

There is also another Node, called TogEdge (Animation) look at the helpfile for that one.

The problem with Change (Animation) is that it counts up two steps if I press the keyboard longer than one “frame”:
One time for changing from 0 to 1, and a second time when changing back to 0.

edit: Ahh, TogEdge is what I’m searching for. Thanks a lot :)

hey, just ask earlier before searching for hours ;)