Geometry Transformation to xFile

Hello vvvvorum,

I have a question around the XFile Writer. I want to use standard transformed geometries in VVVV to generate an xfile for editing and rendering in a 3D Program. How can I combine the output from geometry and transformation into one mesh, so that I can write all objects into one mesh?

Here a simple example of the problem I have.

I hope someone can help me.

Greetings from Berlin

SimpleTransformCylinder.v4p (8.2 kB)

this bit is pain in the ass, it’s impossible in in DX9, if u use only one primitive it should be easy with instancing in DX11, however proper one with any geometry is bit of mess atm.

Anyways i need some time to pack that crap and i got to run at the moment.

@antokhio. Thanks a lot for your answer. That’s indeed some kind of feature what would be great. Ok but thanks to the DX11 link. I will try to do it there.

@Anthokio: THX a lot. It seems to work using DX11 instancing. I will make the patch ready and hope that all funktions work.

Greeting from Berlin

If you use instance noodles you might check the Merge (DX11.GeomFX) & Writer (DX11.Geometry OBJ) help patches. Those together have everything you need to write both multiple instances and multiple geometries.