Geometry Split DX11

in order to debug the output of a 3D exporter, i need to split the geometry file into position, UV coords. in dx9 we have vertexbuffer split. is there any trick in dx11 to do the same. there is join but no split…


Mesh (Geometry Split Assimp) or Geometry (DX11 Assimp.Structured) might do what you need.

@Rayment , thanks. but this only works with assimp compatible formats. the format i want to split is alembic. i have it as dx11 resource vertexGeometry and want to split it at that level. just like vertexbuffer does it for dx9.

if so, you need to use ReadBack.
E.g. you can path through streamout gs, the node will return you a buffer output which you can copy to cpu using read back nodes.

@rayment, do you have an example ?

I guess similar to this, I changed the dx11/girlpower/sm4/geometry_shaders/Renderer_StreamOut patch a tiny bit:

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looking good, thank you very much @readme

here it is.
i’ve added a missing passthrough shader.
GetVertexData (GSFX).zip (9.4 KB)


@rayment and readme, thank you for your help. very much appreciated!

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