Geometry Damper?

Is there a way to apply a damper to an animated geometry? Something like the Delay Effector in C4D applied to points of a mesh. Playing with Instance Noodles and thought it would be cool to have to possibility to damp the geometry deformations.

Strange, still geting this message in the editing window when replying:
“you might try mesh (geometry split assimp) -> animate vertices -> mesh (DX11.geometry join subsets). there might be better ways with a geometry shader”
Maybe because another guest is contributing to the thread?

However, I’m looking for ways of generating a mesh from Kinect and do the smoothing/damping in on the mesh rater than on the texture.

One way to do that, is to write all vertices to compute twice one for the current position one for the previous one then use it as vertices on your mesh.
Still not sure what you wanna do with that, since If you animate it with transforms, you l get pretty same result as damper on transform…

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