Geometry buffer - not loading once i re-open patch

hi all
i’m a recent returnee to VVVV after some years of working mainly in touch designer so wrapping my head back around the workflow -

been trying to build something using the Geometry Emiiter from dx11 particles - basically just adding a geometryfile Assimp to load an obj into the patch. That all works fine, once I’ve saved the patch and closed it down on re-opening it can’t seem to get the geometry buffer to ‘see’ the geometry by which i mean it doesn’t output a vertext count or any geometry - is there something basic i’m missing in the nodes usage? is it to do with where i am saving the patch



Hi, it might be initialization problem, basically the pipeline starts to render from the bottom of your patch… When you open renderer window, everything connected to that renderer gets called on MainLoop tick… So from perspective of that renderer, the first thing gets called is shader that gonna draw particles, then the shader connected to it, then the one that has an assimp on input (witch can be assync) so during first frame it can send nill as an output… The general work around is to connected your assimp node to some bulk simple shader and a renderer before it goes downstream… I’m not sure it will sort your issue (since there might be something else) but you can try…

amazing that worked great thanks a lot!


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