Generating audio

Being originally a composer of electronic music I am wondering whether it is possible to generate sound with vvvv. Of course there are the LFO’s which might work at 20 cycles/second and up, but will it produce a sound? I have tried to set up a patch (LFO > waveshaper > ?), but I cannot connect the output of the LFO to something like a audioOut patch… any help?


it seems you are looking for vvvvs older sister pd. a graphical programming environment with focus on audio. vvvv for now focuses on the generation of images.

apart from the Beep node there is no node so far that can generate audio.

okay. thanks for a clear answer :)

hmmm, pretty oldskool, this pd… you guys would surpass the level of usefulness, ease of use, and such quite fast. I have heard about pd from colleagues. They quit using it quite fast, because it’s a pain in the butt to use.

earlabs. a friend of mine worked a long time with pd. the problem is that you often have to go very low level and have to built ev erything yourself. but of course there a lot of externals and patches around from the community.

also have a look at max msp from cycling74, pds mom… i think there are more high level objetcs and its more complete/more highlevel objetcs etc. because its a very old software… and it isnt free although theres a demo version to download (30days) and the complete manuals are available on the website.

the third option is natives instruments reaktor, which is less flexible in the range of application but it is very specialised in high quality audio and there are many high level audio objetcs.

pd, max and reaktor can exchange data with vvvv over open sound control, netsend netreceive and midi.

an theres that audiomulch which i personally dont kow anything about it, but ive read recently somewhere in vvvv forum that it can communicate with vvvv

vvvv works with frames, which are usually synced to a video renderer in some way. so you will usually not get faster than 60Hz or whatever the frequency of your monitor is. so even if vvvv would have some connector between an lfo and an audio out, you were kind of limited to sounds below 30Hz.

on the question of generating sounds: the filestream+audioout construction can plays mp3 or wav files from disk. you can apply some default audio effects on the files - its not really a generator though.

keep an eye on the waveplayer node in the next release. this should keep you busy for a while.

check jhnos waveplayer examples running with vvvv 33beta9.2