Generating a text cloud

It’s great to have a forum for these kinds of programming environments. I am a newbie so please bear with me while I ask my seemingly easy question.
Ok, I’m not going to explain everything that I want to do in the patch to keep things simple and just ask about my problem.
I am trying to form a group of words randomly placed on a 2d plane. I have figured the random placement part of the words but the words cannot be different from one another.

I am using Text (EX9 geometry) for the task and the words I want to be written are stored on a IOBox(string) on different columns and rows. How do I distribute them to each word so eaxh word can be different from one another?

I am still having trouble finding my way around the forum so I couldn’t find any search facility. I think I worded the question very simple but please let me know if the common way of asking question includes sending a part of the patch : )

The string input of the ex9 Text is unfortunately not spreadable, what makes the whole thing a little complicated. A possible workaround is elektromeiers EX9TextMetrics Module.
The other way is to create one ex9 Text for every word, but as you want to have a cloud, I guess you’ll have to deal with a larger amount of words, right?!

Hey thanks for the reply,
Yes, creating individual ex9 text would not do for this project. I’ll try that TextMetrics module right now and we’ll see how it goes. Be back in a few minutes : )

OK that went pretty well. I guess that is the solution I needed. Although I am not quite sure I know where to replace these files, under modules or effects? Yes, I know that’s a very basic question but my brain sort of stopped working at this hour, so a quick push to the right direction would be nice.
Thanks for the help