Generate the Indices for mesh

Hi guys! I was wandering, there is some way to generate the indices, starting from a closed line?

(the patch is with DX11)

HowGenerateIndices.v4p (22.3 kB)

Basicaly you work with Resampe and Select and I (spread)

It might be overly complex but I uploaded you this GPU particle approach that I came up with after having to fight with a similar problem.

In the Mesh Module there you will propably find the answer. I remember that the index buffer was the hardest part.


SlicedParticles GPU (18.0 kB)

I think your system works if you know before what kind of shape you are working with… I’m looking for some way to generate the indices for (almost) every kind of closed path…

I never really used it, but maybe this node @h99 made is something like what you are talking about?