General understanding for a newb

Hello guys, i am at really beginning
with vvvv. would you be so kind
and clarify some of my thoughts?

i feel quite dumb looking at some things
regarding patching. A good example
is the electricity shader. i really like
the visual but i can not imagaine how
to utilize it in any way. i mean i can connect it
to a renderer and that´s it. ok can blend
it with other stuff or transform it or use it as a texture but is this all?
how can i manipulate the width of the effect
or increase the resolution?
what fancy thing would be a “typical” or suitable
application for this effect and how and where
would you typically utilize it in a patch?
every shader has to be drawn into a renderer first
to be able to process it further, right?
man i do not even know how to ask,
that much confused and clueless i feel about this.

It is like looking at an delicious banana,
but not knowing that you can make several things with it
like backing a cake, mixing a shake or just make someone
slip on it to the ground. you just know it tastes good
but are not aware that it would be even better when taking of the peel for example.

sorry for this maybe stupid and too general question.

you can put the shader result as a texture onto a ring for example.

add a spread of sugar and you can be the next VJ superstar (1.19 Mb)

:D thats great. you guys rock. mh or better: you guys rave…

here it is :P

loving the patches guys ;)

@guest, i’d say vvvv isn’t an ‘out the box’ visuals software whatsoever. It’s a programming language at the end of the day and like any language only learning, experience and creatively will allow you to get the most out of it.

Not be scared of asking questions like you have will help you loads. Going through every patch in the girlpower folder and really playing around with them and turning them into something else completely is a great way I found to learn from the masters. You’ll find some real gems going through almost ever file downloadable from here.

I think anything that is achievable by computers is achievable in vvvv. So get creative and push your learning of vvvv to get what you want from it.

@ele i knew you love it

@screamer the dolphin is great, a very elementary part of rave aesthetics :) (only works with beta22)

Great patch! Extremely addictive. Who needs drugs having vvvv? Big ups!!

haha, great, thanks for your responses
and the inspiring patches :)
indeed i learned again much.
maybe i was little depressed writing the post.
I really browsed many of the helppatches
and the girlpower folder but mostly
i understand only little parts. i am
staring at beautiful things rarely
beliving what can be possible with this
wonderful software. i guess you have to go it over and over again till it makes click. indeed everytime
i learn sth. new or try sth. and it works
like i thought, i cheere like a little
child. vvvv is made for me :) i mean i never
dreamed that i could do things like
this by myself without coding anything.
for me it is much brainfriendlier to
arrange nodes and connecting them than
writing correct syntax and mathematical
expressions line by line. since i was
a little boy and first saw a computerscreen
in a shop window (commodore 64 i think:), i was fascinated by the idea of generating sth. on my own
on such a screen. till today
i never managed to have any skills in
programming visuals or any image or video manipulation in real time. thank you vvvv,
with you it all seems possible much easier i think.
but at the end of the day i still
feel so little and dumb in front of vvvv.
i am defenitly still missing some fundemental
besics concepts of patching but i think
it only can get better :)

thanks again for your kind words, i will keep
on digging and try to be more patient :)

…and the girlpower folder but mostly
i understand only little parts.

don’t worry, guest!
believe me that i am still not sure if i understood all of them…

small pitch on pole drove me crazy in the past.

see also the user tutorials

it migth be also very helpful, to go thru some workshop patches:

ah, and there are the video tutorials ofc: