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dear all,

hope that you guys are good :-)

I am using vvvv with a christie projector 25000 ANSI Lumens, when i project the built in patterns in the projector the image comes out alot brighter than the image projected from vvvv!

does that has anything to do with vvvv? or i dont know any ideas ?

thank you guys!

try use constant for a shader or tweak ambient diffuse speculat etc. If not helping, try see preferance of your computers video card, if not helps also you can do 2-d render pass and blend 2 copys of scene or add brightness param to your shader.

maybe it’s a problem of the cables?
is it maybe a 30m VGA cable from PC to Beamer?

if you use Constant.fx as “last instance” shader try to switch to Constant 2.0.fx.
attach an HSL (Transform) to the Color Transform and play with the Lightness Maximum

May be your color settings for your video card. I know my ati card and windows display preferences offer controls over these settings. I always make sure that it’s set to default as any tampering with color profiles has lead to unstable performance.

Thank you guys for the help ! i am not using any shaders or stuff like that ! im just playing a movie and a simple renderer!

i dont think it is a vvvv problem bcs i tried to play a movie outside vvvv with an hp and a mac and it gave the same result ! !

is there a way to enhance the brightness and contrast in vvvv? can someone provide a patch or somethin i dont know !!! if it can have a constant and color transform thing in it !

well thanks for the help :-)

Then you should indeed first dig into the projector menus instead of raising anything on sender side.

thanks guys it was a problem with the input level in the Christie projector.