General questions about projection mapping

Hi guys,

Some general questions I have about 3d projection mapping.
I am interested in mapping the inside of a building. I am not aiming for a performance environment but more for creating an ambience for a social space, like a coffee shop/bar.

As this will be my first attempt on anything related with 3d projection mapping, I would just like to hear some advices from people who did something similar.

I am bothered mainly with questions such as:
What is the minimum height that the ceiling have to be?
What kind of angles do the projectors need to be? Can you map with an inclined/declined projector?
What kind of lighting must the room have?

This is a project which is just beginning, so I havent really found the place yet. Any limitations on the room dimension/size?

Also can anyone recommend some :
a) tutorials on mapping ( I know about the one in vvvv help)
b) information about projectors

Please feel free to add any other problems/considerations that I will face, which by planning from before, they could be avoided.

Thanks a lot!


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The higher of course the better if you want to avoid the shadow of persons coming closer to the projected wall.

really, any as long as it is in the projector specifications

Phong ? :) Usually the less the better, must match the projector’s lumens and projection size

About projectors if it an indoor wall to wall projection you may need some wide angle projectors, it very much depend of what you are doing.


Hi dorosp, ceiling eight are somethingimportant to avoid lighting eyes of people, especially in a space where people would relax stay fix and are supposed to take pleasure to stay in …

Another rule in lighting (so videoprojecting) is to use circulation ways as direction for your projection: means the people circulating have mainly the beam behind them. Its a great rule in lighting, especially in museums, so its surely also a big rule for mapping especially with little spaces where you have to find solutions.

Thank you for the advice guys.

Any good resources to learn about projectors?
General information on lumens, angles, different types and what they are suitable for and prices?

Hi dorsop, its more something depending about the mix of:

  • your budget
  • your artistical / technical needs

Essential questions are:

  • wich luminosity ( dont get down the 3000 lumens, be aware more far you are from the projection plane less light there is)

  • wich ratio of opening of the lens ( 1:1.2 / 1:2.5 aka 1m width is obtain at 1.2meter distance, or 2.5m distance)

  • wich nativ resolution of the matrix of the video projector ( are you displaying HD on one VP or a 1280*720 native matrix is enough ), wich changes really prices and offer. ( Talking about resolution )

  • are you on a fix install, if yes investissment should be done on reliable material ( Sanyo, Epson, Panasonic) with warranty of 5 years or 3 years included in price.

For myself i m working essentially with Sanyo, that have a real great quality of contrast and color.

Actually on little-middle projects, im using PLC-XU106, very versatile, good optical range ( despite this is a fix lens), low price (800euros without taxes) for a high luminosity. This show is touring a lot and no problem with it :( [ ](PLC-XU106](, very versatile, good optical range ( despite this is a fix lens), low price (800euros without taxes) for a high luminosity. This show is touring a lot and no problem with it :( [ ))
I m actually on creation on another project with the same VP in ceiling position , 45° angle ( fan is adjustable, depending the angle). I think its very interresting for wide panoramics with 2 or more VP.

If you are thinking of color nuances, you should better go to Panasonic, wich are more soft and more nuanced in their projection.

This question of the color is very important, as your result on your screen at work will be very transformed on projecting .

Contrasting the videoprojector a lot in order to fight with a luminuous environnement will enhance loose of details and nuanciesalso. There will be a great gain of lighting.

If you have a project in tints and nuances, you should first make a video demo of your artistical material, and make some tests in shops before buying material. This will affect a lot your result.

Personnaly i m creating materials with the lighting and color response of the videoprojector in situation, and not at home on a screen.
I know that my screen will give me nuances i will never have at the end by projection. But this a theatre/dance approach, not based of working with customers and building a project on computer previewing.

Karistouf thank you for the valuable advice.

I got a basic projection and I started some experimentations, just wondering, if I set the projector at an angle of 45 degrees naturally the projected shape is not rectangular anymore.

Do I have to correct this through settings in the projector or through vvvv?

If it can be done in both ways, which way is advisable?