General Q and Tweaks @ Writer (DShow)

when i watch a renderer that visualises a complex arrangement, i got some fluid animation. After connecting the Renderer (DX9) to DX9Texture and this to AsVideo (DX9) with finally sends data to Writer (DShow) i receive an avi file that has bad framerate… (10fps?)

My general Q is now: How do i receive the realitme fluidness? (Harddisk on this maschine is very fast and did much bigger stuff)

What Texture Format on DX9Texture(EX9) could work towards the Writer node? Yuv2 ?? Or what?

What about the reference clock setting in the AsVideo node?

Maybe some of you advanced uuuusers have some “waytogo” for this purpose but i´m a bit in front of a wall…

thx again,
cu 2morrow!

can you not use writer(NRT) ? to write a series of frames, works for me!

sure, and then convert them bitmaps to avi…

but the plan is/was to have something like an application that does automatic video generation (from a series of images — like the thing, the nrt writer does).

the other way was using: Writer (EX9.Texture AVI) which works non-realtime and saves directly to an uncompressed avi.

dx9textures format…mm…don’t know. would also need to do some tests here to know more…

asvideo is shit. as mentioned before it is a bridge to the directshow-thread and therefore cannot be timed. so in cases it works its fine. else it wont. even referenceclock won’t help. this topic would need some further investigation.

oh okay i c! so the asvideo is not as cool as it sounds gg