General DX9 -> DX11 shader migration approach? [spez. atmoshpere and ocean shader]

Good evening,
Just realized that I have a extreme high rate of failing with porting DX9 shaders to DX11.

Any tips and trick on how to do it right from the beginning on?

For example I encounter that I don’t get an error message and I am lost completely.

Most important shaders that I tried are the bump mapped and cube map reflection ocean shader by dottore and the atmospheric scatering by unc.

If someone know how to work it out a step by step guide on what you have to change to make and how you approach it would be very welcome.


Atmosphere and Ocean Shader (DX11 port).rar (6.6 kB)

rfm… no text …

ShaderPorting.pdf (91.4 kB)
ShaderSemantics.pdf (77.7 kB)

cool thats what i was looking for, i let you know if it worked.

hey tekcor,

did you succeed with porting the ocean shader ?

i’m asking before reinventing the wheel and doing it myself…


No not exactely that one but i used tesselation displacement with bump mapping and cube map reflection instead… looked good enough for the water

Cheers :)