GDITexture always 30fps?


I’m creating a newsticker with some RSS feeds. I’m using a Text(GDI) because it’s easy to scroll with that. That goes into a Renderer(GDI) and that renderer feeds a GDITexture(EX9) that’s rendered on a Quad. As soon as I enable the GDITexture my framerate drops from 60fps to 30fps. Is this intended? How can I avoid this? Sorry if I’m missing something.

I’m on EX9 for this project, next will be on DX11, maybe that works better.

Thanks and all the best!

Oh, forgot to mention that I need an alpha and the slowdown appears when I use A8R8G8B8.

Well, forget about that. Text(EX9) seems to work pretty good. I’m evaluating it a bit more, but I think this will be ok.