Gdi patching q

ok, i guess this one is really simple one but i couldnt figure it out.
i need to place 2 different objects, each one is animated,on a gdi renderer.
i thought it would be as simple as giving the gdi another input layer but somehow i cant do that.i also tried getting them both in a ex9 renderer using a quad.this works but the problem is that i need them to be on top of each other and this way they are blocking each other.(besides the lines looks kinda ugly in the ex9{is there a solution for that?})
appriciate yr help

i dont really understand your question, you can place as many objects in the GDI renderer as you want. either with spreads if its the same object or with Group (GDI). please try to describe your problem more specific … greets !

you got it, thats exactly what i needed.
pretty simple but i couldn’t figure it out.

tnx for the helpfull tip