GDI (EX9.texture) non square pixel bug?

i think there’s something wrong with the GDI (EX9.texture) node
if not square sized GDI texture return wrong size
see patch

GDITexture bug (EX9.Texture) help.v4p (20.4 kB)

hei guest,
this might be due to your graphiccard or do you have a recent one?
for me switching between square and non-square works.

also: are you sure you need gdi at all? for 2d rendering consider using SVG

hi joreg
i confirm no bug on my main machine
this happen only on this thin client with an Intel GMA 4500M GC (latest driver) but no control panel just the standard windows parameters…
ps: i use GDI to render html page so not sure svg can help here
thx anyway

hm, ja then it is most likely a limitation of that card and you’ll have to use a square texture. svg won’t help in that case.