GaussianSpread (Spreads) in vvvv gamma

Hi! I’m trying to recreate the GaussianSpread node in gamma and I can’t do it. I clarify that I do not understand much of mathematics, especially trying to pass this equation ( to the programming mode in vvvv.
how would it be? where am i wrong? I attach a file with the tests

gaussian.vl (72.3 KB)

Well… after writing I realized that I could look for the solution in nuget.

I found this one:

I added it to the patch and I was able to solve my problem.

I wonder, is this the best solution? .net doesn’t have native gaussian value anymore? How would be the best way to replicate the original GaussianSpread node?

I attach the patch again using MedallionRandom
gaussian_v2.vl (20.4 KB)

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Thread with download is here: You're invited to talk on Matrix