Garbled fonts / UI weirdness

I just installed beta8. For some reason the fonts are blocky and to access the pins you need to move the mouse up and to left of where the pin is actully displayed.

Screenshot below. Any ideas? vvvv looks awesome, so I hope I can figure this out :)


  • mang.

hi mang

i remembered something posted in the old vvvvorums.
and i hope that helps you


Thanks for the response! I did end up figuring out that it was my dpi setting that was causing the problem. I had it set higher since I’m using a 14" laptop screen at 1400x1050. It would be nice if vvvv supported this (so I don’t go blind) but hey, I’ll take what I can get!

i’m also using a laptop screen with 1400x1050 px (IBM Thinkpad) and I never had any problems…