Gamma x.2 breaking/not opening Old patches

ExploringmyCaffeExportable.vl (222.1 KB)

I first made this patch in Gamma prev 0975. It uses a Nuget called MyCaffe. It cannot be opened by dragging and dropping it into the new exporting Roslyn Gamma. It would begin to load and then never open. Using the ‘open’ command, and selecting it from the dialog box I get the error below:
PatchErrorOnOpening.log (55.4 KB)

While the patch opens it doesn’t actually run and the error shows up each time changes are made, such as the addition of pads, pins and some nodes.

As a work around I opened up vvvv beta, dropped the vl file in there and it opened without any issue. Then I made a new file in Gamma and I have begun copying and pasting my definitions of the old document to the new one while they’re still open.

Thanks, nice corner case. Will be fixed in upcoming.

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