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i am runnning beta 40 and cloning the vl.template. then open the vl patch and checking the gamma version. it’s telling me i am working in version 2020.1.6 while having several more new versions installed. problems appear as in version 2020.1.6 there is no OSCServer Node available e.g. generally it’ld be great to define the gamma version beta is using, in the most optimal scenario

A beta installation comes with its own vl/gamma packages, it doesn’t use other separately installed gamma versions. If you want to use a more up to date version (2020.2.3) you’ll have to install a beta preview:

To clarify:

  • vvvv gamma and vvvv beta are two distinct development environments
  • both contain a version of the visual language VL
  • we’re developing VL for vvvv gamma and are then also shipping it with vvvv beta, that’s why the version included with vvvv beta is always a bit behind

Now regarding the OSC question:
The new OSC nodes are only shipping with VL 2020.3 which is not available in any vvvv beta at this point.

If you still want to use those new nodes with an older vvvv beta:

  • with vvvv beta not running, remove the VL.IO.OSC.2020.x.y pack from \vvvv_beta_40_x64\lib\nugets

  • start vvvv beta and then install the new nuget using this command:

    nuget install -source
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