Gamma Uninstaller globally clears .vl file extension program assignment

I just uninstalled a couple old Gamma installations and ended up not having my latest Gamma installation assigned to .vl file extension, which it 100% was before.

Also somehow connected to this … I noticed because a project I’m working on has a kind of sophisticated launcher and starts from a bat file using the latest registered gamma, which had broken as a result.

Now even restoring the .vl assignment using “Open with” and selecting the vvvv.exe from the file explorer worked for Windows Explorer, but apparently the vvvv installer does more than just that.
I had to reinstall the gamma version to make everything work again.

yes good point, unfortunately, that is the default behavior of the installer when you allow multiple versions in parallel.
we could remove the registry deletion, but that could leave registry keys in the system when a user installed and uninstalls only one version.

a sophisticated solution of checking whether the registry is the same as the installer of this particular version left it, would need a custom registry management code in the installer.

for now, as you noticed, a simple workaround is removing old version before installing a new one, or just re-install the latest…

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