Gamma throws exception when changing cache to if

Hello guys,

just a short report on a bug i faced today. When changing a cache to an if region via the node browser, the if region keeps the exit pins of the cache which leads to an exception when connecting things to the exit pin. To fix this i had to change the exit pins to accumulators… took me an hour to realize this.
Would be nice if gamma would do this automatically for me or show me in any way that i have to fix something at the if region :)

I think I ran into something similar some time ago, I changed a ForEach (Reactive) in a Cache, or maybe vice versa. It resulted in exceptions as well, and I was stupid enough to save the document as I hoped VL would clean the XML upon saving.

Couldn’t open the document anymore and failed to recover by hand from XML, so I had to throw it all away and restart from my last git commit.

My practice in a case like that is:
start gamma with a new blank patch, press F8 to stop the application and then drag the patch with the exceptions into gamma to edit it and find the problem.

To throw everything away must be very annoying, but in this practice it isn’ t needed i guess…

I tried that, it wouldn’t open the file at all anymore.

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