Gamma RC1 Video.MediaFoundation VideoIn issues

Hi, just noticed (super late) that the release candidate was up for gamma 4.0! Probably won’t have a chance to really experiment with it until next week, but I’ve already ran into one issue with the videoin/capture with the Video.Mediafoundation patches. When I try to access a few of my cameras I have on hand to test, Lenovo EasyCam integrated into my laptop and a logitech c110, they fail to initialize.

It appears to be an issue with the node not being able to retrieve the “supported formats,” going into the “vidoeIncore” I see it gets stopped with the cache reporting to the “GetSupportedFormats” node. Hovering over it says specified task name is invalid and throws up a bunch of unknowns with the API.

When I go to the OpenCV video capture patch, it can indeed capture output from my cameras but the Supported format pin throws “Error: Your device does not allow listing of supported formats,” though it seems like it just ignores it and operates normally.

I wonder if the video.mediafoundation VideoIn node is just not able to bypass when a camera doesn’t have the correct handshake for reporting compatible video formats?

It’s not a big issue, could always do OpenCV to skia to stride, but thought it was worth reporting.

Related, are there any plans for Gamma to support OBS virtual cams and the PS3 Eye. Both work well in vvvv beta x64 with dx11 nodes, and I believe I have 64-bit drivers for the PS3 Eye (?), but neither camera or virtual camera ports show up in VL Gamma. Thanks again, and I look forward to more testing in the coming weeks!

good find. this will be fixed with upcoming 2021.4 RC3

re virtualcams (OBS, spout) i’d argue this is lower priority because as i understand OBS can now send spout directly. so it would anyway better to go via spout directly instead of virtualcams.

the reason why those and the ps3 are not working here, is that those are using the old windows video api (directshow) and thus are not compatible with the new mediafoundation api.

if need be though it should be rather straight fwd for any developer to add a directshow-based videoin node. it could either be added to VL.OpenCV, which i think has all libs in place already and/or become a separate VL.Video.DirectShow lib based on e.g. DirectShowLib

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Thanks for the quick follow up, look forward to further testing!

The bit about directshow makes complete sense, wondered if it was some kind of directx/show wrapper or codec situation, seeing as the drivers for the virtual cameras and ps3 eye were more on the emulated side of things.
I had not really tried using Spout before, thanks for the tip, it seems like a more than versatile way to send and receive video. I would tend to agree that this does place a dedicated direct show library very low in priority, as it is easy enough to run any compatible obs capture, including the ps3 eye, to vl gamma through spout.

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