Gamma preview 2022 0441 Exporting Console app makes Skia window ignore mouse/keyboard

Previously I could export an console app with Skia and you hd the same interactivity as a WinApp.
However, with the preview my mouse is disabled inside the window and I can’t move the window around.

To reproduce, open and export “Example Bouncing Ball” from the (Skia section of) the Help Browser (remember to add KeepAppAlive) in Gamma Preview 2022 0441.

Indeed, this was changed in 2022.5 to support other target platforms than Windows. Otherwise we’d need to start a message loop which would introduce a UI dependency from the start and subsequently console apps for say Linux wouldn’t compile at all.

Out of curiosity, @Hadasi can you elaborate on this usecase: make it a console app, but then still have GUI windows. because typically the idea is either or.

I want to build an app and check a log of its behaviour in the console. to look at info like sends and receives, states etc, while the activity window runs on another screen: Telemetry

Two ideas: you can redirect the console output of a gui app to a text file when starting it from a console like so:

myguiapp.exe > output.txt

If the textfile is no good for your case, AttachConsole sounds like it could be useful (untested).

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