Gamma basic app tutorial

Hi there, first thing, must congrat dev’s with gamma, looking really promising!

So, i wanted to ask, if there is some basic practical tutorial around, like an todo app or calculator with gamma, my goal is (as for a starter) to create some CRUD:

Create data type, create collection, populate collection, edit item…
As an extra, gamma usage with some api like

For now, i stuck with subpatch creation, i heard an datatype shoud be called a record, but still no clue how to create one :)


and these don’t help you?

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The problem i have here, that even on help browser, there is nothing about core concepts on how to create subpatch process or whatever…

Maybe you can just spread few words, on how to properly create sub components? Class, method, etc…My current idea, is to make another new patch and reference it in the one I’m in…

Ok, after poking my memory i found record and process in whatever the nodebrowser called now…

Here is to answer that:

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Thanks Joreg!

Could enable fullscreen for embedded videos? At the moment I have to go to the Vimeo page itself to see these tutorials properly.

good point! done here. need to update all the others…

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Just for the reference, now stuck on subscribing to button click event? Anything around about that?

would that be it?
or what do you mean with “subscribing”?

I meant skia button sorry ;)

have a look at demo: 03_Panels in helpbrowser.
and also check out Elementa for more advanced UI widgets.

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