[gamma 2019.2] UI reports errors that disappears when "new IL compilation"

hei all,

noticed that one with gamma 2019.2 015. nodes/operations are sometimes marked as red with no apparent reason, throwing error message “The patch has errors, open to see more”. When opening said patch, nothing special is going on (no errors), and just moving a pin (which trigs a new IL compilation) removes the error message.


also saw that one in forward regions that would turn red for no reason, and as in the gif above, moving a pin would make the error go away.

edit happened again when just moving process definitions


edit 2 pressed CTRL+L to align nodes in my definitions, this also made the error go away. Actually, the error seems to disappear soon as there’s a “New IL compilation in the making” (rightclic/recompile also works).

I think I’ve seen that also. But since you have it so nicely reproducible any chance I can get my hands on that patch of yours?

There you go !

Just had a look and don’t see any errors. Any more hints how to reproduce this?

no precise steps to provide unfortunately, saw that happening again on 0026 in other patches. process definitions would turn red randomly and just re-aligning nodes or moving pins inside would make the error disappear.

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