GameWindow Client Bounds can't be splitted with any Gamma node

Found that ClientBounds is of type Rectange.
However, it is incompatible with any node that might be useful.

A kind of workaround:


Reference Stride.Core.Mathematics.dll from the vvvv install folder. Then check Stride > Core> Mathematics> Rectangle in the node browser. You have to tick the include external nodes check box of the node browser for it to show up.

Is this a bug or is it supposed to be this way?

Thanks a lot, it works, but it looks weird and I’m afraid there will be compatibility problems when I port it.

The nodes have not been wrapped, as to why you’ll have to ask the devvvvs.

Not sure what you mean by that. VVVV will pick/use the version of the dll that’s already loaded, i.e. the one from the installation folder of the currently running vvvv.exe. So even if you referenced the dll of another vvvv version / folder it’ll work.

If I open in a newer version, which DLL is linked - relative or absolute path?

Like I said it will load the dll that’s in its installation folder.