Gamepad to the game controller node

hi folks,
is a usb gamepad connectable to vvvv ?

does anyone has a nice suggestion for a gamepad that is supported by the
game controller (devices msfreestylepro) ?

thanks from california

all gamepads and joysticks who work under windows should also work within vvvv. you may miss some of the more nonstandard buttons of your pad though.

the various gamecontroller device nodes internally all work the same. the only difference is that they provide different pins and pin names. so dont be offended by the msfreestyle pro name. you might like to try them all and see what works the best with your gamepad. someday this whole thing will be more flexible… .

hi people,
i was wondering on the same subject if anyone connected the Logitech Wingman cordless RumblePad USB Gamepad.
it comes with a nice little slider and i’d be more than happy if anyone could tell me
if this slider works in vvvv !!!
thx jannis