Gamepad/joistick phraseing

can any one help im trying to do the folowing .

take the value from a joystick, and use it to move another value up/down. what i want is when the joystick is center (0.5) the output value to stay still, then as it is moved up/down i want the output to increse/decreese at a rate dependent on how far from center the joystick is from center.

does that make sence.


perhaps integrate will help you

sorry , not what im looking for, what i want to do is detect to 2 bang out’s when value is less or more than .5


sebl is right. integrate is a node doing what you want. no bangs necessary.

one more thing to add between the gamecontroller node and the integrate would be a maprange-node with an input center of 0.5 and a width of 1 and an output range with a center of 0 and any width you like.