In the riot chat we had a discussion about the XBox Controller, and found out that there are some people that were working on a vl node to accomodate for it.

Using VL has a bunch of obvious advantages over the old c# solution, the main one being that you can actually handle plug&play of those devices in a safe manner.

When comparing solutions, we agreed that all of them left something to be desired, but also all of them had something going for them, that should be of use for anyone else going a similar route. So thats why this WIP thread exists, to simply keep the vl patches here for anyone else needing something like this. (21.6 KB)

this one is based on SharpDX.XInput, has support for all buttons (except the round xbox logo button of the bluetooth variant) and can control the vibration. shortcomings are the lack of exception handling for unconnected (cable-based) devices, and the restriction that just Slot 1 (of 4) will be used.