Gamecontroller outputs missing

anyone got an idea to access all gamecontroller values…like Z,RX,RY,RZ.

they show up in Windows XP Gamecontroller Settings but not in any Gamecontroller Node.

Either its something easily added by the Devs or time for a plugin i guess…

the HID nodes may save you from doing a plugin… (if the device has hid support) for reference see logitech-dual-action-gamepad by dEp. ;)

good point, forgot about them :)

it works now, HID decode repeats 4 times 0-64 floating point something over the full range instead of 0-1023 but looking at the raw data coming out of HID(Devices) i’m able to get the right data. there seems to be another bit in the stream not shown by the decoder…

anyway, if someone comes across the same problem see the patch below…

joystickcontroller(help).zip (2.5 kB)