GameController (Analog) & Playstation Controller Help


I am trying to connect Playstation Controllers to VVVV,
please find attached GameController_broken.v4p I am using vvvv33_beta11.1

It is 1 USB cable that allows two controllers to be connected. In the Game Controller Settings in Control Panel I see two “USB Twin Pad”, and they work correctly.

In VVVV, GameContoller (Devices Analog) gets the most input in. If I create two of these node and change one of the Game Device input nodes to USB Twin Pad#2,
I get no input from it. I can only get input for one of the pads in vvvv, they work independantly in the Control Panel.

Also on the analog controller stick BX outputs but BY doesnt, the 4 buttons work fine.

Maybe this is because they are both called USB Twin Pad, maybe VVVV forgets that there is no #2 there?

I am not sure if this is a bug or because I am misusing this node.

GameController_broken.v4p (784 Bytes)