Game of life

hi guys,

I was just wondering if I can find anyone here, who can help me code game of life, with for example grid of 100x100 quads

i know how it works and all but i am not quite sure how to code it in visual programming, i saw through search that there has been pixel examples on gpu and even few screenshots for 3d but i would appreciate if someone can code it and i can break it apart, because reverse engineering is my primary source of learning .)


Well, when I was trying to do Tetris, I did a game of life patch first.
I looked it up and add some helptext for you, and redid some stuff using newer nodes.

This is how you could patch it, but I think using Plugins/C# is better.
I Use 100x100x8 = 80.000 values, so take care there!!

Game Of (16.8 kB)

thank u so much i hope u put it to contributions :)

here’s a shader version: tutorial-effects-multiple-passes.