Fxb assets from unity asset store

Hey in this thread we already discussed google warehouse as a good source for assets and how to make them working with vvvv

I found that there are a lot of free assets in the Unity Asset Store, too:

The files are mostly .fxb files

Converting this to collada works by using:

After converting I can open it in Assimp and in Mashlab.
Unfortunately I am not getting any vertices in vvvv from the collada nodes.

I attached my test file with the different conversion steps in case someone is having an idea.

Models_from_Unity.rar (114.8 kB)

you have to use open collada and not an autodesk collada
the one is in fbx is different…
instead you can try assimp view

Hey official release of assimp view doesnt support .fbx files.
There is a branch on git that does support fbx import.

unfortunately it has to be build with cmake and it doesn’t work out of the box.
When I try to build it I get the error

‘your C compiler: “bcc32” was not found. Please set CMAKE_C_COMPILER to a valid compiler path or name.’

cmake documentation is too cryptic for me to solve this in affordable time ~

thanks again, anthokio!