FX on older Intel graphic

I am setting up some older hardware with http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/highlights/graphics/intel945g
graphic adapter, both Echo and Glow FX don t seem to work here (no red nodes) any workaround?

according to this: http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/cs-014257.htm

the card only supports PS 2.0, so you need to downgrade the shaders if possible. if they only run on PS 3.0 hardware you are out of luck…

Out of luck as there are many functions which are not supported by PS2_0
I ll try with some blurring.

Hi IO,

you can create a Glow by blending in add mode the same texture, but one is blurred.

Not even Blur works with PS2_0, in both cases I get a

invalid ps_2_0 input semantic ' vpos'



sorry, but ps_2_0 also do not support reading from mipmaps (tex2Dlod), and both Blur and Glow heavily depend on that

dunno why Echo is not working, there is no shader even…

Sorry I forgot ot mention that I fixed Echo just NOT using a 32bit texture… no way out to get just a little blur into my life?

ok, make a quick hack… no warranty)

BlurLQ.rar (3.7 kB)

Thank you! Tomorrow I ll deal with that machine again and let you know how it goes…

Unfortunately it doesn t seem to work.

EDIT: sorry, there was something wrong with the fx patch, no wi managed ot open it and it does work! Long life to GMA945!
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