Fuse Particles disappear after a short while

multiemitter.vl (53.5 KB)
wondering why my particles disappear after a short while. as if the emitter stops working. i’ve seen this last year with beta 5 and fuse and it seems getting worse.
or is it me doing something wrong ?

ok, same happens with the demo patch

Yes there seems to be a weird behavior I do not know what causes this, I thought this was fixed in the current version but your patch showed the behavior again also in the latest fuse in the repo, I than have recreated it and it had no issues, did you take another patch as starting point I assume? My guess is the file is somehow corrupt. The appendbuffer for the emitter is a bit fickely and the order of rendering calls seems not right thats why particles get lossed.

multiemitter2.vl (53.1 KB)
this one works on my side can you check?

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yes, that works. so repatching solves this ?